1. Tracy Jordan’s Movie Posters


    NBC recently did a woefully incomplete slideshow of some of Tracy Jordan

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  2. bibliolectors:Reader / Lector (ilustración de Irene Fenollar)


    Reader / Lector (ilustración de Irene Fenollar)

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  3. thealenka:hoops by ~TheAlenka


    hoops by ~TheAlenka

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  4. instillness:Rebecca Ladds, 2012.Because I


    Rebecca Ladds, 2012.

    Because I

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  5. On a Wednesday evening in early summer, [Ed] King was invited to celebrate the eucharist at Galloway Memorial Methodist Church [in Jackson, Mississippi]. The church has long abandoned its closed-door policies, even though the decision has cost the church dearly in membership and budget. Since 1966, Galloway has learned to survive its urban setting (while many other white churches relocated to the suburbs) by reinventing itself as a socially progressive congregation, supporting soup kitchens and other social ministries in the church
    РCharles Marsh, 

    (via wesleyhill)

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  6. doomandgloomfromthetomb:TELEVISION: A Season In HellSoooo, here


    TELEVISION: A Season In Hell

    Soooo, here

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  7. Ostrich Pillow

    Ostrich Pillow

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  8. Rechargeable Aa Batteries Via Usb

    Rechargeable Aa Batteries Via Usb

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  9. Poolpod Wireless Speakers

    Poolpod Wireless Speakers

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  10. Pen Cap Utensils

    Pen Cap Utensils

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